Hello everyone, 
My name is Katerina and I want to introduce you my cattery of Siberian cats "Russian Gold", registered WCF. The name is dedicated to our cat "
Pearl". She comes from Russia. This is the first female gold in my breeding . 

Pearl absolutely deserves to be called - the gold, it is not only an intense gold color of her great-coats, but also the "golden" character, she is very sweet, intelligent, curious, courageous and so playful.  She is our little Russian gold!

We plan to breed the Siberian cats not only of golden color, but also the traditional black, blue and colored with white. We have our own plans, ideas and dreams, and step by step we will go to them.

All our cats live with us, among us. Free, uncontrolled going beyond the home, cats involved in the breeding, is not allowed. Kittens grow up in our family with our children with love and care. We do not plan to have many cats in our cattery and for each of them we want to give a maximum attention and care, provide the best comfortable living conditions.




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